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The highest level of protection is not knowing that something exists which has to be protected. Securing your critical data is important to us and we think that only you should decide what happens with your data.

  • Wir geben Ihnen die Kontrolle - Schützen Sie ihre Daten!

    Make your Data invisible!

    Non-visible-Data (NVD) not only secures your sensitive data, it also ensures that your data doesn’t leave any usable tracks while transferring or storing it.

    Store your data where you want – without security related or legal limitations.

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  • Wir geben Ihnen die Kontrolle - Schützen Sie ihre Daten!

    "Encryption 2.0" for your data!

    Our optimization of data encryption, transmission, access and storage eliminates current security vulnerabilities, creates anonymity and improves performance.

    Data encryption is just a workaround to protect your data. SECLOUS offers you the first holistic solution to protect your data from others – “encryption 2.0”.

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  • Wir geben Ihnen die Kontrolle - Schützen Sie ihre Daten!

    We give you control of your data!

    Our pure client-based access control for NVD denies any other party access to your data. Only you have control of your data.

    SECLOUS technology exclusively leaves the data authority with you. You decide who can access your data.

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  • Wir geben Ihnen die Kontrolle - Schützen Sie ihre Daten!

    invisibleShare - ready for download

    invisibleShare allows you to share your sensitive data with whom you decide to share - anonymous, secure and with highest performance.

    invisibleShare is our first product based on our NVD technology. Start sharing your sensitive data now and free of charge!

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Introduction to SECLOUS

Software and Consulting Services - Data Security

SECLOUS is a Software- and Consulting Company who develops Software solutions for small and medium businesses, large enterprises and consumers. In addition we offer consulting services with regards to data protection.

During our past project engagements in various industries and countries we've always experienced that data protection came only second while the focus was more on functions like business process reengineering and technology renewals.

This is where we start changing the rules by keeping a focus on data protection as protecting business critical data is getting more and more important for all kind of businesses and for consumer as well.

Our slogan "we give you control of your data" reflects the demand of our society to take data security seriously.

We are happy to assist you to protect your business critical and personal related data.

Continuous increasing Cyber Attacks

...cause a monetary damage of > 300 b€ p.a.

Protecting your data has always been important and as a result secure data storage has taken a new turn due to technical developments. New and enhanced functionalities in the area of „big data“ allow companies to perform data analysis in very short time in order to build user related profiles, which can be used for not only cross-/up-selling purposes but also for other criminal intensions.

Moreover, the Web has changed tremendously in terms of functionalities while data security aspects have not been the primary focus. Data, in particular business critical data, has become increasingly a core asset of each company and a key differentiator and market enabler.

Anonymous and Secure

Continuously through the life cycle of your data

5 - steps NVD engl

SECLOUS’s goal from the beginning was and is still to provide a consistent end-to-end secure solution that is based on making data anonymous (non-visible data) instead of encrypting data only, thereby ensuring secure data transmission and storage. We use a combination of most advanced data encryption processes paired with our own patented algorithm procedures. As a result, all technical and even legal limitations have become obsolete and for the first time, you as a customer can decide where you would like to store your data.

The highest level of protection is not knowing that something exists which has to be protected!

Differentiating attributes of NVD >

    1. Data protection happens in real-time. Already during data creation, NVD converts the data into unreadable binary blocks using a key that is calculated on the basis of randomly selected data fragments (from your original data).

    2. Only you have control of your data: In the second step, a second, private key (just-in-time) is generated. This key is created is individually on data block level and for each of its data blocks

    3. Thus, there is no master key for data or file directories but rather only two keys per binary data block. This means that in the unlikely event of key identification only one binary data block can be accessed and not as usual, on the entire file or entire file directory (as the case is in master key method)

    4. No data traces: NVD leaves no data tracks, for example, IP addresses, time stamps or file types. Thus, no information or conclusion can be drawn from your data contents even with the latest analysis tools in the field of big data

    5. Continuous Data Protection: NVD is used locally (on your computer during transfer via the Internet and when storing your data blocks), thus a continuous protection is ensured

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By using SECLOUS NVD technology you secure your data and you keep control of it!

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SECLOUS Product Overview!

Solutions for small-, medium- and large businesses as well as for consumers, all based on our unique, patented method of storing data anonymously, separated from data access.

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